About Us

Lifelong Bethel residents Pete and Bethany Kaiser along with their family now own and operate Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures.

Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures operates four safe, fast and reliable Wooldridge powerboats on the Kuskokwim River and its tributaries. Boats with drivers are available for charter from May – September. All drivers are Coast Guard licensed and very knowledgeable of local waterways and conditions.

Village travel by boat is fast, affordable and enjoyable. No waiting at the airport, no luggage limits. Up to 6 people can travel per boat and we usually have several boats available for large groups. Kuskokwim Wilderness Adventures is fully insured and the insurance certificate is available if required.

Whether your family is coming to visit or your organization is planning work in a nearby village, our boats and drivers will make sure you have a safe and scenic ride.